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New Earth

This post will be about the New Earth.
I give you my insights about it.
When will this New Earth be a reality?
I think it will not take a very long time.
Right now the consciousness as a whole is rising.
When a threshold is passing, it will pop into existence.
Then there will be 2 Earths.
They will both occupied the same space but will resonate
on a different frequency.
What are the requirements to be part of this reality?
There is only one requirement and this is that your consciousness
has to resonate within a certain range.
It is more or less a automatic thing.
When you consciousness is high enough, you will end up on the New Earth.
When this is not the case then you have to go elsewhere.
Most people will not incarnate again on the old Earth when they need more 3d lessons.
There will be changes severe on Earth that will wipe out everything clean.
Especially the coastal cities will have a great lose of life.
There will be most likely a Earth Shift.
The Earth will actually be tilted on its axis.
After the Earth Changes are finished the face of the Earth will be very much different.
Then only very small communities will live on the Earth.

How to prepare for the New Earth
It’s very important to get rid of fear.
When there is more and more chaos around you, whatever happened, don’t go
in fear.
Be the Eye in the storm (cyclone)
When everything is falling apart, let you be in peace.
When you are a light worker and you are in peace then you know, how to help your fellow brother or sisters.
Remember this is why you came here on this Earth
You came to Earth to help with the transition.
Also always be positive and joyful.
Better not to look too much to television and News Papers.
There will not be a lot of positive news on them.
Better to stay away from that.
Seeing so much violence on the television and in the New Papers gets your consciousness on a lower level.
The Power Elite of this world will do everything possible to lower the world (mass) consciousness.
The hope to delay or even stop the ascension of the Earth
But be assured that this will not happen.
It can maybe delayed a little but it can not stop the ascension of the Earth.
Another thing you can do to prepare is to eat healthy.
Try to eat as much as possible living foods.
Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
Stay away from meat, become a vegan.
In meat there are a lot of hormones.
This is really bad for your body.
It’s not bad to eat an egg now and then.
When it’s really difficult for you to stop eating meat then the best
meat to eat is fish and the second is chicken.
Also drink a lot of water every day.
Try to get the cleanest water possible.
Also eat small portions every day.
Better to eat 5 small portions a day then 2 or 3 big ones.
When you eat big portions you will overload your system.
Other thing that will help you grow in consciousness is MEDITATION.
If possible, do meditation 2 times a day, one time in the morning before you go to work and one time before you sleep.

If you don’t know how to meditate
Come and join meditation at our centre twice a month, without any charge on 15th and 30th of every month.
Read spiritual books and learn spiritual courses available in our centre.
Read only what resonates with you.
When bad things happen in your personal live, try to learn lessons from them.
Always forgive the person that is hurting you and rather bless him.
Not go into anger but go in for unconditional love.
Love you enemies even more than your loved ones.
I like to finish this post and send my love to everyone that reads this.

Love and light to you all,
Dr. (Mrs.) Lavina Gupta