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The word “crystal” has been adopted by crystal healers to cover all stones and metals that have healing properties. Healing is a term used to describe the beneficial effects of crystals, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that stones will cure a condition. Crystals deal with subtle diseases and emotional imbalances, bringing about increased vitality and well being. They work best when purified and attuned to your unique vibrations. Crystals have been connected with particular parts of body.

Any disease is a sign of mental or emotional imbalance and may be a spiritual disconnection or just misalignment between the physical body and the biomagnetic field around us. Crystals heal historically. They realign subtle energies and dissolve diseases by getting into the root cause. This healing is extensively employed at Soul Searcher.

Crystals are available in various varieties like Gems, Malas, Bracelets, Rocks,