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Soul Searcher Research Training and Healing Foundation Delhi,Tarot Reading Training Institute in Delhi offers the full time tarot reading classes.


What Is Tarot?
Welcome to the world of Tarot that is exotic, mysterious & colorful. It is only human nature to want to know what the future holds for us & it is this urge that drives thousands of people to fortune tellers. Tarot is one such method out of the i

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  Who Made The Tarot Cards?  

To understand its nature, one must begin in the realm of the imagination. Imagination is the faculty that allows us to experience the immaterial. Ordinarily our perception operates through our senses, therefore restricting us to the material world, but imagination is not bound by rules of sp

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  What Can The Tarot Cards Tell You?  

Tarot cards are not fortune-telling cards; they will not tell you that a certain event is definitely going to happen. The philosophy behind the Tarot is that all future events are subject to change, and if you are warned of unpleasant events in advance, you can prevent them.


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  Tarot Divine Tool  

Welcome to the world of divination. Our divine tool here is a pack of tarot cards.

Since I was a child I believed that our minds were so powerful that we could accomplish all that we truly desired, and as I grew older my belief became stronger with experience.


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  Structure Of The Tarot  

The Tarot is a pack of cards; well we can say that they are ancestors of modern playing cards. The tarot pack consists of 78 cards. These 78 cards are subdivided into two groups.

1 The major Arcana: consisting of 22 cards.
2 The miner Arcana: consisting of 56 cards.

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  Symbols And Archytypes  

A symbol is an image, word or object, a reference point that draws you through it to some deeper meaning. Religions employ symbolic language & images as a path to the spiritual. Symbols are interpreted differently by different belief systems.

“As the mind explores th

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  Tarot - The Elements  

There are four basic Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

These four primary Elements are regarded as realms, kingdoms, or divisions of Nature. They are the basic modes of existence and action – the building blocks of everything in the universe. All that exists or has t

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  Tarot Rituals  

When you bring your tarot cards you can do some simple rituals to offer both psychic protection and energize them. The tarot is based on the four elements Earth, Air Water and Fire. These elements were regarded once as the composition of all life and are still symbols of the qualities of sen

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The Major Arcana

THE FOOL (Major Arcana 0)
“I exist to help you sample all aspects of life. I step out without fear to experience and investigate. This way, follow me. Take action. I say and urge you hesitate, perhaps from past d

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Tarot Reading (Basic)

It is an oracle that can answer questions about the past, present and future course. It is a tool for guidance and for self discovery and to get in touch with one’s own intuition. Tarot cards are an intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious mind.


Tarot Reading (Advance)

The advanced course reveals the original meaning of tarot. The course is developed in a way so that student can get full description on all the cards. Through this course you will learn symbols of different tarot cards and about methods of spreading, etc. 


Tarot Reading (Professional)

Tarot Reading (Professional) course begins with an introduction to tarot. Then you will learn meaning of Major & Minor Archanas. You will also learn to respective zodiac sings and astrological meanings, etc.